Credit Association of Singapore


We are now the Credit Association of Singapore. It's part of our rebranding to showcase how we have evolved as an industry together with all our members

The President

  • To represent, develop and promote the interest of members.
  • To project moneylending as an important and integral part of the business of financing of individuals and businesses.
  • To maintain close ties and cordial relationships with governmental and relevant authorities through consultation and cooperation.
  • To keep members informed of developments in the industry.
  • To advocate ethical practice in the moneylending industry.
  • To uphold our motto of "INTEGRITY ABOVE ALL"
For the Credit Association of Singapore to be effective and achieve the objects it has set forth, Registry of Moneylenders and the Association have agreed that all registered moneylenders endeavour to be members of the Association. We hope to ensure every moneylender in Singapore is a member of the Association.